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What's in a Name? Or more importantly – what’s behind our new name?

With no time to squander, we have been actively working on our company name change. For the backstory, check out the blog post “What change are you being asked to act on?”

We have firmly settled into offices in one of Tucson’s most historic neighborhoods – Barrio Viejo. Old adobe and brick buildings with colorful doors, friendly neighbors and a quiet that belies being just a few blocks from downtown, our affinity for Barrio Viejo has inspired us to center our root name on an elegantly simple solution “Barrio”. Barrio means neighborhood and in Tucson we take pride in our neighborhoods and their unique characteristics. Using Barrio as the basis for our new name seems like the foundation and messaging we had always hoped to convey. From there we can add products and services and whatever our inventive minds conceive.

In the meantime, we will add “CO” to Barrio to read “Barrio + CO”. For us, the CO is subject to a world of interpretations, just how we like it – full of potential. Here are a few words anchored in co that we derive deep meaning:

- Community (maybe our favorite)

- Coworking (hello, we love coworking so much we are launching our own space)

- Collaborate (some may say it is overused, but it really describes our work with clients – it’s one of our beliefs: The Power of Collaboration)

- Coalesce (helping others by merging networks and talented people is something we thrive on)

- Coordinate (as a recovering project manager, I can never get enough of this)

- Cooperative (because supporting others on their journey is what we are all about)

The “+” in Barrio + CO translates to the accretive value that happens when you add the amazing location of Barrio to any of the CO options above. Plus (do you like what I did there?), its additive and illustrates the combination of two items merging together to create a sum of even great value

So, while our name has changed, our beliefs “The Power of Collaboration” and “Give First” remain stalwart. These are our foundational values and they do not change even considering our name change direction. Thanks for hanging on with us as we make this quick left turn to the name and know that the road ahead is paved with incredible possibilities for community, coworking, collaboration and much, much more.

Watch for our name changes, but more importantly stay focused on the vital few and most impactful items in your business.

We like to call them “BUILD. GROW. EXIT.”

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