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A Collective for Growth Minded Founders

            “Growth and comfort do not coexist.”  - Ginni  – CEO IBM

In a Meeting

Ms. Rometty’s wisdom reminds us of the myriad challenges facing every entrepreneur. With an emerging foundational narrative built upon the belief that ‘together we are stronger’, the ‘Circle’ converges every month to dialogue the topics that are most impactful to them. In addition to the candid exchanges, advice, and support they offer each other in their often-challenging entrepreneurial journey, the Circle hosts a guest business founder every month. The accomplished executive and presenter share their unique path thru the trough of despair to the hills of elated customer adoption to a wide-range of funding mechanisms and beyond.


These pitfalls and successes are explored with authenticity and transparency with only selfless goals in mind – chief among them, to inspire and encourage the Members of the Circle to keep building.


Think you want to be part of the Circle?  


Here’s how you engage:

  • 12 monthly meetings (2 hours) with check-in and speakers.

  • Make an offline connection with at least 2 peers each month

  • Invite the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to attend a meeting

  • Shape the "We believe" statements of the Collective



You may be a good Circle candidate if you:


  • Believe that "together we are stronger"

  • Want to learn from others and contribute to their growth





Past Speakers:

Cristie Street,  CEO and Co-Founder, Nextrio 

Adam Tank,  (Former Founder and Technology Executive – Industrial Optic – GE Ventures 

Ryan George,  Founder and CEO, Simpleview 

Carol Erickson,  Former CEO, Cranial Technologies 

Tom Spengler, Chief Revenue Officer, Coplex 

David Lesser, Phd 

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