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What Our Clients Say
Spencer Boerup.jpeg

Spencer Boerum 

 CEO​ MagMod


“Since my team and I have been working with Katina as both an EOS Implementer, and as well as a phenomenal business mentor and coach, our understanding and ability to "up-level" the business and myself has gone through the roof!


Katina brings real-world practical knowledge on how to solve complex business problems that I've encountered in a very small number of people. Katina breaks down complexities into simple forms and helps you see the path forward and encourages and challenges you in a healthy way. The fact that she is basically a walking encyclopedia of business, project management, and thought leaders is impressive in and of itself, but it's the experience on how to apply it that makes her skills unparalleled. Any small business owner would benefit immensely from heeding her counsel and advice!"

I hired Gina and Katina for a VIP day because I always like to have an outside, objective perspective on my strategy and game plan for the year. I have hired many experts in this area, and they were by far the best for several reasons. First, they really know their stuff; they have amazing expertise based on not just their professional experience, but from their ongoing professional development (which is very clear that they take very seriously!). Second, you get two brains, and they are masterful at working together. They complement each other amazingly well. Third, they have a really solid, efficient process to help you think through what you want to (and can) achieve over the next year, and then for creating a game plan to actually reach your goals. The process allowed us to stay on course and me not get too overwhelmed. And lastly, they didn’t just accept what I said; they pushed me to think differently, bigger; to consider things that might not be comfortable for me. I plan to hire them each year to help me set the stage for achieving the big exciting results that I am aiming for. I feel confident with them in my corner.

Lisa Rehurek.jpg

Lisa Rehurek 

 Founder & CEO 

The RFP Success Company

Greg Weatherly.jpeg

"As the integrator in the EOS process, I found the concept attractive as I envisioned it helping us solve many of the management dilemmas we faced as the company grew. Katina’s collaboration has been an invaluable tool in helping me define, introduce and integrate the EOS concepts into the way our management team functions."

Greg Weatherly - Executive Vice President

Truly Nolen of America


"I had the opportunity to see Katina present to a group of financial planners and wealth managers…Katina was prepared, knowledgeable and on point. Her style is very far from the typical boring lecture I made a point to introduce myself as she struck me as someone that was worth knowing…and two years later I am pleased to confirm my intuition was accurate."


Bruce Langer - Managing Partner

Epiq Partners

michael K.jpg

"Gina's strength is understanding how to turn vision into operational results. Gina knows the challenges facing a CEO/owner and provides practical guidance on how to turn a vision into real action. I highly recommend Gina as a trusted advisor for any CEO or business owner."

Michael Klonsinski - CEO



"Katina & Gina are perhaps the most powerful business duo I've seen. While they do meaningful work in the community and leverage years of hands-on experience and connections, few people know that they are down to earth awesome, friendly, and will always help you take your business to next level."


Eduard Gomberg - CEO



"SGNT has been on an extraordinary journey this past year. We would not–we could not–be in the position we are today were it not for the coaching and support offered by Gina Catalano and Katina Koller. Their advice on leadership, strategy, and fund-raising has been invaluable to us. We will always be grateful to count Gina and Katina as advisors, coaches, and friends."

Emil Tremblay - CEO



"I found the Traction/EOS process attractive, especially in the visionary role, but wasn't sure how to effectively execute it. Katina helped us understand the EOS process, focus, and lay the groundwork towards implementation. Now we've begun the culture shift toward implementation company-wide. We could not have accomplished this process without Katina's quick wit and ability to facilitate a diverse group!"



Scott Nolen.jpg

Scott Nolen - President

Truly Nolen of America

Leif Drysten.jpg

“Every EOS meeting we had was a fun and profound education that was immediately applicable to the challenges we were looking to overcome.”

Leif Drysten - Operations Manager


KNF Design

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 12.15.37

"When it comes to hiring an executive coach, there are loads of executive coaches that talk a good game, but Katina actually delivers the goods!  Katina is able to provide me with insightful and engaging feedback that is reflective of her considerable business acumen. In addition, Katina is able to connect at a highly intelligent and thoughtful level. She is also able to challenge me both professionally and personally, in an effort to help me become a better me. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch executive coach who is genuine, a good listener and respectful, you need look no further than Katina Koller."


Howard Stewart - CEO

AGM Containers

Kathi R.jpg

"Katina is an incredible leader, coach, facilitator. Her ability to connect with differing personalities and her vast business knowledge has been a huge asset to me personally and to our business. Katina is the greatest!"

Kathi Roche

Santa Rita Landscaping


“Katina’s work with Santa Rita Landscaping to implement EOS has been nothing but extraordinary, you will not find an EOS implementer that will care for and add more value to your business than Katina.


Brian Ham CEO​ 

Santa Rita Landscaping

betty literacy connects.jpeg

Betty Stauffer Executive Director

Literacy Connects

Literacy Connects.png

Katina brought the EOS system to Literacy Connects and WOW what a difference it has made. As a nonprofit, some of our management team had some reservations, but Katina kept giving us permission to make the system our own and to tailor it to fit our needs. A year later, not only has the team 100% committed to EOS but each of their individual departments now also uses EOS. As a result of EOS, we have efficiency and clarity of vision and how we will get there as we have never had before. EOS led us to see what was limiting our growth and how to move beyond those issues. With the EOS, SMART goals are set now for the year and then broken down by quarter and tracked weekly. In addition, we now have total clarity on the role or each staff member, with no overlaps or duplication of efforts. We have found the current staffing gaps and have planned for staffing needs three years out. I highly recommend EOS to every business and nonprofit that is looking to be organized, efficient and quality/growth focused.

Gina is absolutely amazing as a strategic coach and project implementor! We originally brought Gina on in 2017 to assist with an ERP system conversion. Her wealth of manufacturing knowledge proved vital as we moved through each stage to successful completion. We then kept her on to help us transition from our CFO of 24 years, to onboarding a new accounting team. In addition, she works with me personally on Sales and Marketing strategies. Basically, there is nothing she can’t do! I highly recommend Gina for any business area whether you’re an owner, manager or team member. She gives everything she’s got, which is quite a lot! Her “Swiss Army Knife” depth of experience will NOT disappoint.

neille olson.jpeg

Neille Olson 


KNF Designs

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 12.15.37
John Levin.jpg

John Levin 

Wealth Advisor and Managing Member

Levin Funding Group

We have been utilizing the talents and of Katina Koller and her implementations of the EOS System for the last year and a half. Katina has brought a lot of support to our business and office operations. She has taught us how to work as a team using everyone's strengths, helping us to work through communications and teamwork. Keeping the team on the same page. This has made our business more productive and taught us how to build on our personal strengths to achieve our business goals. With the support of Katina and her EOS program we have been able to breakdown our goals into smaller sections to help make our team members individually accountable for their part in the overall goal. Katina has always been professional, dependable, and very hardworking. I would highly recommend her to any business owners looking to add value to their company. 

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