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What We Do

Here’s what the month in the life of a Vistage Member looks like:

Monthly group meetings: Step out of the day-to-day once a month to gain perspective from a group of 12 – 18 peers, professionally facilitated by Katina.

Executive Coaching: Participate in optional, private one-to-one coaching with Katina designed to help identify the most impactful issues and opportunities – personally and professionally.

Expert speaker workshops: Gain actionable takeaways from subject-matter experts and experienced executives during up to 8 speaker workshops per year.

Annual regional events: Network with business leaders in your local markets and hear from experts on the latest trends that impact you.

Vistage Networks: Connect online or in person around shared interests for knowledge-sharing, growth and collaboration.

Healthnetwork: Gain VIP access to the most highly-ranked hospital and medical institutions in the US.

Learn More About Vistage:
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