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While we mostly believe that it is the commitment to the small, daily habits that create long term success, we also know that sometimes, the highly engaged, self-motivated CEO or entrepreneur can use a high dose of reflection and planning to catapult their thinking (and their business) to the next level.

That’s why we created the VIP Day with us – a double dose of ultra-focus on you, your life and your business. We are Katina Koller and Gina Catalano. We bring 40 years of strategic business and execution advising and work clients from the startup phase to over $100M in sales.

A VIP Day includes everything you need to create and execute that “someday” plan – today. 

To apply, please complete the application and we will follow-up with next steps.

“I hired Gina and Katina for a VIP day because I always like to have an outside, objective perspective on my strategy and game plan for the year. I have hired many experts in this area, and they were by far the best. I plan to hire them each year to help me set the stage for achieving the big exciting results that I am aiming for.”

Lisa Rehurek, RFP Success Company

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