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What change are you being asked to act on?

The backstory is that we have a business name change on the horizon, but first let’s talk about change. As the saying goes, the only thing constant is change. Which is probably why there are so many quotes on change that it is hard to select just one. Despite my brief struggle with the paradox of choice (meaning there are so many options that it is hard to select one), it’s a quote from none other than Tony Robbins that represents both the constancy of purpose harmonizing with ever-present change. Here you go, “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible to your approach.” Robbins nailed it.

Lesson 1: For every business decision you make, evolving circumstances and unforeseen events will influence your approach and test you again and again and again until you learn from it.

About a year ago, Gina and I set a course to galvanize our businesses s to help entrepreneurs and business leaders like you solve their most vexing problems to realize their greatest potential. And, leverage the heck out of opportunities, too. Part of our vision included a brick and mortar destination where an amazing environment would influence, inspire and create paths to unconventional thinking and solutions. Around this time, we were working with our broker on a letter of intent to acquire a former foundry building. Yep, like our namesake. This historic structure, with its soaring roof line, hewn wood and patinaed metal would lend to this origination of “Thinking BIG”. A foundry was the ideal destination for business professionals collaborating together to “BUILD. GROW. EXIT”. In addition to these strategic advising services, this would be our future coworking and events space. Brilliant, or so we thought.

The letter of intent failed to move beyond a couple of non-productive rounds and we were left to reboot our search. With the laws of attraction in play, we eventually found ourselves in Barrio Viejo – our new community. Known for its diversity, brightly colored streetscapes and magnificent adobe structures, Barrio Viejo quickly embraced us with her charm, welcoming and inspiring architecture. Thanks to the shared vision with our broker, he brought us to La Suprema on the corner of Main and Simpson. Once known as the Wah Lung Market, and also La Suprema Tortilla Manufacturing more recently, we adored the gorgeous template of cream adobe walls and the potential it held to create a space for collaboration, growth and energizing facilitation. Exactly, what we sought. With two magnificent locations in Barrio Viejo and a third under tenant improvements, Foundry just did not fit us anymore. Or, maybe we did not fit it.

Lesson 2: What’s the worst thing that can happen? Maybe, just maybe, the end result is better than where you started and when you are open to the possibilities you will realize your fullest potential.

To bring the whole story full-circle, we have been asked to change our name Foundry + CO (the co stands for community, collaboration, cooperative – whatever resonates with you). Although we do not agree that our name Foundry creates ”confusion” in the marketplace, we do believe in changing when it no longer makes sense to continue down a path.

Lesson 3: Since change is constant, it favors those who are flexible and adaptible. So change – change because someone asks you to. Change because you want to. Change because you do not want to. Change because it serves you. Change because it serves others.

So, here we face one of the biggest obstacles to change, the grand question – after you are faced with a challenge, what will you do next?

Well, it’s simple. We will find a new name that still serves our ethos and fits our current and delightful Barrio Viejo experience. If you would like to influence our name change, please comment below. We want your feedback as we dream up the next moniker. Weigh in and stay tuned to our evolving name. The big reveal will be in our next post, provided the United States Patent and Trademark Office indicates it is available. And, if it is not, well, we will change again.

In the meantime, what change are you being asked to act on?

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